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WOWGAINS | Become a Worker

"What is a worker?"
A worker is, simply put, somebody who works for WOWGAINS. What does this entail, you may ask? Well, as a worker, you'll be assigned tasks provided by our customers. Workers are able to choose which tasks they work on, so there is no pressure to take on a task which you won't be able to achieve, but do keep in mind, however, this doesn't mean that we tolerate inactivity. WOWGAINS reserves the right to revoke worker status from anyone if deemed appropriate.

"Why should I become a worker?"
The answer to this is easy money. Have you ever wanted to make money from playing video games? Look no further. Customers will pay the WOWGAINS administration team and 90% of that payment will go towards the workers involved in the task.

"How do I apply to become a worker?"
You'll need to make a post in the "Worker Applications" section of the forums. You will need to use the template found below and answer each of the questions as accurately and thoroughly as possible.

Full Name:



E-Mail Address:

Available Days/Hours:

Describe your experience with World of Warcraft:

Do you have a bank account / PayPal that we can transfer payments to:

Do you have any questions for us: