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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions
WOWGAINS | Frequently Asked Questions

"How can I ensure that my account will be safe?"
Here at WOWGAINS, we ensure that our customer's security is the number one priority - we take many measures to ensure that customers' accounts aren't compromised when submitting details your details to our website. To answer the question, firstly, WOWGAINS hand select their employees, thus ensuring that your details will not be used maliciously. In addition to this, we advise all users to change their passwords and ensure that your account has recovery options so you won't have to worry about losing it. Finally, if the previous measures don't make your comfortable, Blizzard have the ability to roll back your account, meaning that, if any damage is caused to your account, the damage is reversible.

"How long do our services take to complete?"
Our service completion times are completely dependent on the service. A repeatable mount farm (such as the Great Sea Ray) will likely take a day while, on the other end of the spectrum, more grindy services (take the pathfinder achievement as an example) will take possibly up to a few weeks to complete. Service times will also depend on your current progress towards the goal.

"Can I be discounted if I have already made progress towards an achievement?"
Yes. Because there will be less work for us to do, we will provide a discount according to our own judgement.

"How experienced are the workers?"
All of our workers are experienced enough to carry out any given task. Each worker has at least 1 year of experience and actively plays World of Warcraft.

"Can I apply to be a worker?"
Yes. The details can be found in this thread: http://wowgains.com/forum/announcements.php?aid=1.

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